Benefits of Doctors, Nurses, Patients Network with People!

In order to have an optimal benefit for the patient, every doctor is no exception so there are both excellent techniques and practice with compassion. However, many technical advances in medicine are beneficial to the patient, but no one should be understood to the careless physician, nurse.The good medical practice has always been captured in the phrase “medical art“, defined as physician interest and respect for the patient. Like a illness person. Too many patients undergo inhuman and inhumane treatment, to the extent that it is now a crisis in healthcare systems, proving sabotage not only to patients but also to professionals. .

The connection between Family and the healthy Systems

That compassion must be an essential quality in providing optimal medical care that creates universal and long-standing wisdom in medical ethics. In the absence of compassion, patients are dissatisfied and experts lament the sense of loss and satisfaction in their work. Health care systems have a reputation for caring for people who can not compete and low revenue.

Patient care is the science and art that DNPRN intends to improve. On the one hand is the authoritative application of science; On the other hand, it is the art of caring for patients in a way that facilitates safety, compliance, treatment, and cure. However, the “healthy relationship” really shows that emotional and social affection for coping with illness will always be the focus of good clinical outcomes. According to the “disease,” we refer to the subjective experience of the disease related to meaning, social networks, hopes, feelings, and values. Each patient has a story or “tell a sick story” that needs to be respected; No patient is a biological puzzle just “figured out.” Patients adhere to treatment and bring great satisfaction to the professional process. The process of healing within the present limits has been scientifically understood at the neurological level and endocrine. So, we must think about why the treatment of patients with compassion is based on the most modern science. And it is necessary to create doctors, nurses, and patients network.

Up to 60% of primary care physicians report binge symptoms, defined as emotional exhaustion, and sense of accomplishment. This is closely related to poorer quality of care, patient dissatisfaction, increased medical errors, disputes, and reduced empathy. Substance abuse, health problems related to stress, conflicts between marriage and family, car accidents are the result of doctors. Participate in a “conscious communication program” (teaching materials, thinking, formal thinking, formal discussion).

It’s not the case that most professionals do not want to care about patients but they become very important in the environment where speed is rewarded and as a result, they can lose sight of the patient as One unless both are self-conscious and intentional. If they lose a deeper meaning in their professional lives, many will eventually suffer bad consequences. It is important to overcome the space of compassionate care regardless of the environment, but in the end, it involves small willful intentional actions to alter the emotional and social quality of the interaction.

So the establishment of a network of doctors, nurses, and patients helps people understand and sympathize with each other

Here are 6 major benefits that can be made by applying create doctors, nurses, and patients network:

  1. Labor and time savings

Using automatic replacement of advanced manual tasks performed better by machine can be a big time saver. It does not need to remove employees, but instead, they enhance their higher functional role by using the clinical expertise that they have been trained.

  1. Improve quality and consistency

Automation tools are not human error or fatigue, so they can help provide the proper basis for care activities. A Texas hospital study showed greater automation in medical records, order entry, and decision support seems to lead to lower mortality and complications.

3.Higher throughput

A nurse is supported by the automation tools that can handle a large number of patients at the same time. Rather than multiplying your staff as the patient mass grows and shrinks, automated platforms can scale automatically to accommodate groups of all sizes.

   4. Detailed information about the data

The technology used to automatic the process can also provide a big of data in a continuous feedback loop that can be used to improve and optimize performance. With each automation tools systems can list and divide , separate  data on how the process is working and use that to bring more useful also convenience of the doctor, nurses group. Also to youth people can join all volunteer programs.

Doctors, Nurses, Patients Networks help professionals will continue to undertake a series of tasks previously performed only by a physician. And there will be an increasing role for health counseling services to help consumers negotiate a changing market.

Stand by and join us – DNPRN to take more useful information also healthy programs.


  1. Conversations between nurses and doctors need to be continuous and we need to understand, appreciate and value each other’s role. It is important to note that the doctor-nurse relationship is sacrosanct and building a professional relationship is essential.


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